San Marco Dirty TR Dynamic Sattel


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San Marco Dirty TR Dynamic bietet als Teil der DIRTY-Kollektion einen perfekten Sattel für die extremen MTB-Fahrer, den auch Gravel-Bikes oder Urban-Fahrer zu schätzen wissen werden.

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The DIRTY collection - devoted to the extreme MTB riders looking for a specific product – has been made all new with appropriate design and innovative technological solutions. The DIRTY_ED saddles are specific models created for the world of enduro and downhill. The ongoing research for enhancing performance drives new studies on the product, the results of which present a news regarding the padding. The new 2017 models, indeed, will be equipped with the Biofoam Plus padding, for a best lightness and meanwhile a better shock absorbing effect, thanks to the special structure.

DIRTY_TR models feature a compact and shorter tail shape to best fit with 29er and 27.5 wheel bikes for the best possible wheel clearance and more suitable for the time spent out of the saddle. The Protek technology adding silicone inserts on the cover increases the durability factor and assures better control. Besides the cover has been updated with the new material Silkfeel Plus for a pleasant silky touch. Saddles that have been developed in collaboration with athletes and great testimonials.

  • Rail: Manganese
  • Shell: Xsilite
  • Padding: D3O Impact Protection
  • Cover: Silkfeel Plus + Protek
  • Dimension: 280 x 140 mm
  • Weight: 300g


MANGANESE: This alloy increases the strength of the rails by improving its resistance to wear caused by shocks.

D3O Impact Protection: D3O technology is a rate-sensitive material which absorbs and dissipates shock from impacts. With other paddings, the force hits your bike and is dissipated only from the point of contact between the saddle's foam and your body. Considering that the sitting area is relatively small, the bigger the shock on the bike, the bigger the impact on your body. D3O technology provides a different reaction to this impact; the greater the force the larger the area exposed to the force's transmission. In this way the rider takes advantage of the whole saddle's surface and the hit on the body is decreased.

PROTEK: "Protection" technology to increase the resistance of the product and its capacity to withstand to wear and tear. Silicone supports integrated in the cover and distributed in the most subject to wear area. They also increase its control skills in the driven out of the saddle riding.

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