San Marco Regale Racing Narrow X Red Hook Criterium Saddle


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San Marco Regale Racing x Red Hook Criterium, again in stock with a really special price!

Sale! Only 69,90€! instead of UVP 149,90€

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Ausverkauf! Nur 69,90 anstatt UVP: 149,90€

The fourth RHC x Selle San Marco Saddle of the Championship Series was the Regale. This was a limited edition of 100 numbered pieces and was really fast "Sold out".

We found some units in our warehouse, so you have again the option to buy this amazing saddle, with a special price!

This saddle made history even before it was born. It is the REGALe, "e" means evolution of a model that's legendary for 30 years right now. Indeed, the saddle is founded on the known REGAL, born during the seventies and used by the greatest riders. Classical inspiration, ultra-modern performances. Xsilite was created as a material for the racing team saddles of professionals. It is lighter and stronger than titanium rails, because of a high percentage of silicon, together with particles of titanium and carbon. 

  • Rail: Xsilite
  • Shell: Carbon Fiber Reinforced
  • Padding: Biofoam
  • Cover: Microfeel
  • Dimension: 278 x 138 mm
  • Weight: ca 199g


BIO-Foam Biodynamic structure that follows the movements of the pelvis during pedalling, guarantees comfort, reduced weight, lasting resistance and ideal support. The "closed cells" surface assures the water repellency of the padding.

CARBON FIBER REINFORCED: Nylon with high properties, enriched with a high proportion of long carbon fibre, in order to reinforce the characteristics of rigidity, stiffness and durability without compromising the weight.

MICROFEEL: Breathable and hard wearing cover. It is lighter than traditional materials and less deformable. Anti-skid effect with an extraordinary grip on the saddle. Biocompatible material.

XSILITE: It is a material with a high percentage of silicon with particles of titanium and carbon. Light and strong, it turns out to be resistant to all weather conditions. The process through the stealth technology ensures a better strenght against fatigue stress.

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